Politicians, Will they Ever Learn?

elephantdonkeyfightThe Election of 2016 is now more than 120 days in the past and the Current Administration and Congressional year is more than 70 days into its term. What we have learned is that those in Washington, on both sides of the aisle, have not learned a damn thing. For the past 8 years, but realistically since the immediate horror of 9/11 started to subside, Washington Politicians and the Main Street Media have been more about sound-bites, blame and power. It is sad that political parties turn mature adults into middle school children who would rather call each other names, give verbal rants, and do very little to help the American People. Our elected officials would rather focus on differences than start with common ground agreements and build from there. The MSM continues to add fuel to the fire with their personal spins and political slants instead of being unbiased and just presenting facts. Those in Washington make it easy for the media as they keep feeding them the garbage that they report. Whichever candidate and party people voted for in November the one thing that was obvious was that people were sick and tired of the insults, the rhetoric and the same old nonsense of not “working for the American people” but rather for party, prestige and self. It is time for politicians to stop the crap and get to work.


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