Congress Needs To Grow Up or Get Out !

Donald Trump was not elected because he was a Republican… he was elected because he was NOT a politician. Americans outside of Washington are sick of the hypocrisy and nonsense that continues to control Republicans and Democrats that were elected to work together for the good of the American People. For 8 Years, the Republicans accused President Obama of everything and offered little in terms of good legislation…now the Democrats are doing the same thing…The media, ALL of them, are so biased for one side or the other, no wonder anger spills over into Main Street America…it seems Congress is controlled by the likes of Schumer, Ryan, Pelosi, Waters, Warren, McConnell etc. because they get the most air time and can say and do whatever they want. With 535 voting members between the Two Houses I hope there would be at least a handful that can stand up and want to work together and lead with dignity and respect for those that may differ in opinions. What is sad is that our future generations see this garbage daily. They see the anger, the name calling, the stupid sound bites and the labeling of people where if you feel one way about a topic you are either Racist, a Bigot, a Phobic of some sort or Anti-American. People can differ on topics and still be a loving, caring American that believes in all that is good in our Country. I say it is time for the Average American to Stand UP and Tell Washington and the Media to Grow Up or Get Out! Differences can be worked through, but it takes Mature Adults, not what we currently have in Congress.


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