The Desperation and Danger of the Democratic Party and Media Bias

The desperation of the Democratic Party and its current leaders are reaching a boiling point. Their only hope to keep any credibility and power is to create doubt and twist every conversation, tweet and or meeting the current President has.  It is sad for our Country when the worst thing that can happen to a political party is for the current President to be successful.  A growing economy, lower health premiums, and a strong military presence along with respect from our allies will be the end of the likes of Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, etc.   The Democrats will only be able to save face if Trump does not serve out the remainder of his term and fails at achieving any of his top agenda items.  Yes, this is politics but now that most of the media is also a sounding board for every conspiracy theory the Democrats come up with makes it dangerous for our country. Comments from the likes of CNN, MSNBC etc.  referring to anyone who supports Trump as a racist, a bigot, and intolerant borders on the definition of inciting violence. CNN’s most recent stories follow the NY Times and Washington Post that use “unnamed sources” for most their front-page headlines. CNN went so far as citing “Someone familiar with how Comey thinks” as their reliable source for a recent story. When the DNC named Tom Perez as chairman and he stated all Democrats should believe and support abortion he showed that the Democratic Party is only about one way of thinking and only about the “old guard” of the Party. The Sanders supporters saw this when the Party pushed their primary to Clinton and still claims she only lost because of the Russians. The real danger is not whether Trump tweets or if some his comments and actions are not traditional old school politics, (let’s remember he was elected because he was NOT a politician) it is the desperation of the Democratic Party and those that control it that will do anything to keep their power and will use the media to incite division, anger and hatred in America.


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