The Media and Politicians Have Turned Away From GOD.

The division in our Country is no longer just about politics. The influence of both the Social and Main Street Media and the ones that use it for their benefit has caused many to act based on greed, recognition and power rather than the true teachings of GOD.  The Bible does not say to use harsh language with those you disagree with. It does, however, specifically say to NOT make up stories of others (Fake News)… “Thou shalt not bear false witness”, is clear in the Ten Commandments. The violence we have seen from protests that prevented someone speaking who was different in thought or the name calling, accusations and hatred that continues to come from politicians and the media is a battle against all that GOD is for.  Our nation is under attack. The battle is not just with the terrorists who learn hatred and anger from their environment and culture which considers America as evil but we are also under attack from our own media and politicians, as well as actors, musicians and talk show hosts who like to spread hatred and feel justified to attack half of our own country because of a different thought process. Democrats and Republicans are both guilty of this and the media continues to fuel the fire.  The names and disrespect that Liberals will call Conservatives and vice versa is truly an attack on our Judeo-Christian society and influences the next generation that will grow up to look at a fellow American as evil. If we do not want to become a society of hatred and anger towards our own American brothers and sisters we need to turn towards GOD and not away.


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