Why Attacks are Increasing From Terrorists and the Left !

There is a simple reason why there has been an uptick in terror attacks, as well as, attacks against morality and ethics in our society by the Liberal Media, Hollywood and the Democratic Party.  The radical terrorists see the writing on the wall. Not only is America and our allies increasing the military battle against these thugs but many Muslim Nations are finally getting into the fight. They realize that if they want to protect the Religion of Islam and not the image these brainwashed radical terrorists portray than the nations such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt etc. need to lead the fight against those that are trying to change their entire religious history. The terrorists know America has built a coalition and will no longer be passive so they are fighting for their lives and will do whatever they can before going down in flames.  The Media, Hollywood and the Democrats hit a wall with the last election. Their arrogance of telling people what is right, what to believe, and how to live was thrown in their face. They also are fighting to keep power and influence. The likes of Kathy Griffin, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher etc., as well as the Democrats, like Waters, Pelosi and even Clinton still believe in their mind that they know what is good for America.  What we are seeing are the results of the fall of morality and ethics over the past 25 years and all the finger-pointing from the left is now pointing right back at them. It was inevitable that we would be at this point. Greed and Power has allowed Hollywood to glamorize sexual immorality and Liberals have been pushing the agenda of “Live however you want” without regard for the effect that it eventually puts on a society that was founded on Judeo-Christian Values.


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