Comey’s Feelings vs. Facts

Comey’s Feelings vs. Facts

As Head of the FBI or in any Law Enforcement Department…actions should be based on FACTS not just a feeling that one has.

His feelings were that President Trump wanted him to stop an investigation on Michael Flynn.

(Comey never followed up with President to get clarification or mention that maybe inappropriate conversation to have..his reason to not follow up is “If I was a stronger person maybe I would have”)

Fact. President Trump was NOT under personal Investigation.

Fact. Comey refused to acknowledge publicly that The President was not under investigation

Fact. President Trump made it clear that he wanted to know if ANYONE in his circle was doing anything inappropriate. Comey stated this in his testimony

Fact. Comey leaked information to a third party to get to media.

Fact. Comey said he did not leak info himself for a variety of reasons but did not explain what they were.

Fact. Comey never gave memos to Congress or DOJ which would have been appropriate action.

Fact. Loretta Lynch told Comey to frame e-mail scandal a certain way. Comey never mentioned this until yesterday to Congress

(What if President Obama knew what Lynch requested? What if Hillary Clinton knew? What if Tim Kaine Knew? Kaine is still in Congress and on Committee investigating President Trump)

Fact. Both Republicans and Democrats had lost confidence in Comey over the past year in how he handles certain investigations.

Fact. Comey was fired and he is trying to blame others.


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