The Brilliance of Donald Trump

From the Republican primaries through the first 6 months of his administration President Trump continues to control the Media, Democrats and the Liberal Pundits as if he was a puppet master holding their strings. Donald Trump became the main focus as soon as he threw his hat into the political ring.    His candidacy allowed him to reach working class America, while his opponents focused on attacking him. His Presidency has allowed him to begin the process of putting America First while the Media and Democrats continue to attack his words, tweets and personality. He knew early on that in order to win the election and now subsequently implement ideas and programs to move America in the right direction one of the best ways is to control your opponent.  The last 8 years of weakness and division cannot be changed overnight but while the media and liberals waste their time on false accusation and constant threats President Trump continues to build allies, fight terrorism, pass bills (28 Bills in his first 100 days alone) and has Congress working on Tax Reform, Health Reform and many others that will take time to work through but will move America in a better direction.  If President Trump wants to have the Media talking about a topic he can. If he wants them to guess what he is thinking he can.  What he is also doing is pushing the Far Left Politicians to show their extremism which will cause their careers to come to an end once they go too far. And they will. The likes of Sanders, Pelosi, Waters and others are acting just as President Trump thought they would. We have already seen some in Hollywood cross the line, this week we saw Bernie Sanders attack Christians. It is just a matter of time before the rest start to fall. Donald J Trump will continue to Make America Great Again but he will also change how Washington works.


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