The Media is Guilty of Promoting Violence and Hatred.

The Media needs to look in the mirror regarding the violence and anger that has erupted throughout the country. Today’s shooting of a congressman and others are the result of the constant rhetoric out of the mouths of the so called journalists that prefer to give opinions and fuel hatred rather than just present facts. Politicians can take some of the blame but they would not have a platform to promote their agenda without the media to broadcast their sound-bites and repeat them over and over. The Constitution may give the media the right to say what they want but morally anyone that promotes hate and anger are as guilty as those that perform the act. It is time to call out the Main Street Media for what it is.


One thought on “The Media is Guilty of Promoting Violence and Hatred.

  1. Gwen says:

    Watters you are correct when you say the play in NY showing the President being murdered. The Hollywood lefties showing Trump’s head cut off. Then all of the Liberals in the Senate and House promoting rioting and attacking a child that has a Trump hat on and beating him to a pulp. They are string the pot !
    When will you hear a Liberal say…enough we are all Americans let’s work together to make America great!

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