Stop Blaming and Start Talking.

If there is one thing that most in this country can agree on, regardless of politics, race, gender or social status is that our country seems to be divided. There have always been differences but since the development and domination of social media the message that seems to be spread in an instant is an “us against them” attitude. This is not one political party’s fault or any candidate. It is the fault of all of us. We as Americans have allowed this happen, have participated in its growth and have done little to stop it. We watch the Politicians, News Channels, Social Media, Celebrities and anyone with a following express anger, vulgarity and mean accusations about those that don’t fit into their particular personal beliefs.  No longer do people talk about differences without adding some kind of negative adjective to describe those they don’t agree with. There was a small respite of this Division post 9/11 but soon, and with a vengeance, the country started taking sides. However, when we stop, listen and discuss we realize that for the most part we are on the same side..the side of Being an American, and for most of us we also believe that we are All Children of God. We are a stronger Nation when we focus on our similarities and what we have in common as opposed to what we disagree on.  These next few weeks before the Mid-Term Election will no doubt be filled with a barrage of negativity from candidates, from the media and from anyone that has a platform to reach a wide variety of people.  I Say, Enough! Anyone that cannot talk about an opponent or individual with differing beliefs without using derogatory words, accusations or vulgarity should consider themselves as The Problem and just stop.  If Average Americans set the example than politicians that want to represent us and the media that wants to report to us must follow our agenda, not the other way around.  Let’s make kindness and respect the norm and not the exception.  Stop Blaming and Start Talking. #AllOneAmerica


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