Questions Politicians Need To Think About!

eagle crying

As the rhetoric heats up with the mid-terms getting closer I have a few questions for those that are running for office and those already in Congress.  Some apply to Democrats/Republicans and to Both.

Why are you not in favor of a flat tax? Everyone pay the same %. The more you make, the more you pay. No loop holes, no exemptions. Cannot be any more fair. In times of War or other times when the Federal Gov’t has a shortfall Congress could increase the % and in times of surplus they can lower. A one line Tax return and very little opportunity for fraud or cheaters.

If you don’t like the Immigration Laws, change them….why are you promoting not following our laws? That is Anarchy. If you can’t improve the laws, reduce the bureaucracy and make it easier for law-abiding immigrants to gain permanent status (Green Card, Citizenship etc.) then you are the problem.

Instead of Gov’t Controlled Health Care how about more choices? How about incentives to stay healthy? Impossible to prevent illness or disease but certainly can reduce the odds.

Where is the outrage with Hollywood that produces images of sexual promiscuity and disrespect for the human body?  They glamorize adultery, teen-sex, vulgar language and perversion.

Instead of pushing “Free College”, “Free Health Care” how about making sure there are no homeless or hungry children, veterans, or anyone else in this great nation that find themselves in a situation that should not occur in the wealthiest nation on Earth.

For those candidates remember, it is a job interview, don’t tell me what your opponent can or can’t do or why they are NOT qualified. Tell me what you CAN do and why you are the best person for the position.

Stop labeling one group as “victims” as a way to gain voters. The good and bad in our country affect all of us. We are joined together under the Flag of the United States.  Helping one group to hurt another is not in the best interest of our future.

Let’s get back to promoting giving to our community instead of taking.  When attitudes change, and people find the joy in helping others then differences become less noticeable and compromise becomes easier.

Why is GOD bad for our country? Encouraging Faith (not any particular religion) is the best way to give people the ability to share a common belief that is more important than any political party or individual idea.


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