The Sexual Environment and what we are NOT talking about.


With the recent “Me Too Movement” and the current Supreme Court allegations it seems that the conversation that is left out regardless of whether allegations prove to be true or not is the state of the “Sexual Environment” in the country. There is certainly not just one aspect or one reason why sexual misconduct/allegations may occur. However, we can look at our society over the past number of decades and see significant changes that have been contributing factors.

One does not have to go further than looking at Television shows (even ones produced by Disney designed for kids) whether on network TV or Cable, Motion Pictures and Music, to see a bombardment of sexual innuendos, normalcy of pre-marital sex, and a tendency to glamorize immoral activities.

We can look at the percentage of people, especially those under the age of 30, that do not put Faith and the following of GOD’S teachings as a priority. The biggest lesson lost is that of respect for fellow human beings.

Although there have always been divorce, the average age of both the husband and wife both increased to the 40’s in the early 200’s which puts most children in their teens, at the time when communication and education from parents become most crucial.

We need to also look at the state of many families for the past 30 years, more than not, at some point both parents need to work to put food on the table and thus less time to talk with and set moral standards for children growing up.

Social Media and all forms of instant communication can both spread good and bad and as a society we have done a poor job of controlling the bad influences.

Any type of physical or sexual actions towards an individual against their wishes is a terrible thing as are accusations that are false.  We are quick to judge for one side or another and never stop to say what we can do to change the trend in our society that has caused the actions, acceptance and false accusations. Individuals, and our society as a whole, will continue to suffer the consequences unless we can stop the causes and recognize that we are all responsible for societal trends.


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