Let’s not forget the other victims, The Falsely Accused.



Any type of abuse, including verbal, physical, or sexual is bad. I can’t imagine what a victim goes through and will always pray for their healing, peace and justice. However, as a country we have forgotten about a group of other victims. Those that have been falsely accused of various accusations. Sometimes finding the truth is not always easy but there have been and will be more cases of False Accusations. Many cases over the years have been proven to be false..we can go back to Tawana Brawley (Al Sharpton’s claim to fame but both Sharpton and the accuser ended up paying fines when proven it was made up) Let’s not forget the Duke Lacrosse team…there are plenty more. The penalty for false accusations are very weak which does not serve to deter those that want to make up lies that can destroy someone’s reputation, family and career. Many of us average citizens, including myself, have had to defend ourselves from false accusations. It is one thing when a guilty party tries to defend themselves in order to reduce a penalty or find a technicality but to try to defend a False Accusation becomes difficult as we have to prove something did not happen and it becomes one word against the other and in most cases the accuser is given the benefit of the doubt. As human beings we are emotional and we tend to form a belief based on our own thought process and feelings. However, if we truly believe in the American System of Justice and the adage of Innocent Until Proven Guilty we should all take a step back before making judgements. Sometimes we have the opportunity to hear from both the accused and the one making the accusation, sometimes we don’t.   When we serve on a Jury we are asked to look at the evidence without our emotion and feelings. It should be up to the accuser to Prove their accusation not the defendant to prove they are innocent. If we don’t, we are no better than countries like Russia where you are guilty if the government says so even if the evidence does not prove it. GOD BLESS AMERICA.


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