Nov. 7th, 2018. The Day After !


Reminiscent of two years ago, the election on Nov. 6th will have people throughout the country feeling happy and sad. The results will be tallied and whatever the makeup is of Congress and State Legislatures around the Nation there will be calls for recounts, calls of voter fraud and other issues that will try to infringe on the process that our nation uses to elect citizens to political office. The process is not perfect, and there will always be issues that can be improved but it still is the best opportunity for a Free Society to have elected representation. No matter the political outcome we, as a nation, need to always remember that we are Americans First, before political affiliation and before personal agendas. Throughout our history there has been division, anger and protests, but that is also why we are blessed to live in this great nation, as we have the ability to express ourselves. However, we need to always remember that no matter how angry or frustrated we may be, the people we are upset with have the same passion and love for this country as we do, just different thoughts as to what the role of Government is and how certain items in our Constitution should be applied. If we each recognize that ALL AMERICANS make up what is the Greatest Nation on this Earth and that it is our differences and passion that makes us the envy of those around the world, then we can continue to achieve The American Dream. We need less anger and more conversation. America is Great because of all of us but without civility it could lead to a civil war. GOD BLESS AMERICA.


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