Impeachment Should Not Be Partisan!


Since 1/2 the country seems split on impeachment, it certainly is partisan, and that is the one thing the Founding Father’s did not want and one thing ALL the witnesses agreed with. We all heard the same testimony and saw what evidence was presented. 1/2 the country has a different conclusion. Our country is based on a “jury of peers” so to speak. In this case 1/2 the nation has one thought and 1/2 another. As citizens we need to respect and understand that not everyone in our nation thinks the same way. It is not the fault of the President, not the fault of Congress, but the fault of each of us as citizens, when we can no longer respect and accept that we may look at the same picture and feel differently about it. We have members of Congress, both sides, telling the Nation what Truth is. I can accept that they have opinions but can not accept that they do not acknowledge that others may think differently. GOD Bless America.


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