“Charlie Hustle” Never Cheated!


Every time a new baseball controversy comes up, the argument about reinstating Pete Rose resurfaces. The Astros’ sign stealing is no different. The reason for this is simple. Pete Rose broke a rule and is banned for life. Others broke rules before him and certainly after, and still do today, but are eligible to play and enter the Hall of Fame. Each new event shows why there is No Valid reason why his ban should not be lifted, and eligibility reinstated. Even more important, he should be allowed to be a part of the game. We need players to be like Pete, we need coaches to encourage players to be like Pete, and we need young kids to learn the game the way Pete played. If there was a “test” for gambling Pete Rose would have failed it, would have been suspended and probably back on the field after 40 games running out an infield hit or diving headfirst into second for a double. Yes, many argue it would be nice to end the hypocrisy and let this baseball legend have his due while he is still alive, but it is also about people like me, now in my 50’s, who grew up learning to love the game of baseball because of players like Pete Rose. To this day I will watch, listen, check the scores etc. of any game I can. Some of the greatest memories of being a dad was watching my son put on his little league uniform and enjoy the game. Rose bet for his team to win, he was wrong, that was and still is a rule. He lied. That was wrong. However, he never bet against his team. There is No asterisk next to any of his records or accomplishments. He never was artificially stronger, faster, or used any other illegal advantage to help his team win or pad his stats. He hustled, he practiced, and he worked hard. On the field, Pete Rose was what baseball should be and selfishly I would like to see those that made me love the game be honored and leave the legacy so others can learn how to play the game the way it was meant to be played.


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