And The Winner for Most Hypocritical Goes To…..

hollywood hypocrisy

The “Hypocrisy” Awards (a.k.a., The Oscars) will be broadcast on Sunday. We will again get to see the height of Hypocrisy as talented men and women will make statements about moral superiority, political division, social and economic inequality, along with preaching about the climate. They will begin by arriving in lines of gas-powered limousines (not electric and certainly not by carpooling). They will be recognized for a performance while not mentioning their history of work that includes movies that glorify gun violence, adultery, pre-marital sex, wars, and in some cases more disgusting and disturbing actions. They will stay silent about the years of “pretending to not know” about the likes of a Harvey Weinstein and others that have engaged in the “casting couch” mentality that has engulfed Hollywood since its inception, but for many it was easier to not say anything if it didn’t affect them personally for fear of not getting that next big role or not being invited to the “party” of those with influence. They will talk about “income inequality” while making millions of dollars yet most of the cast and crew of their productions just make a living and probably don’t own mansions or thousands in clothes, jewelry and toys. We will hear comments from those who criticize others while not only promoting immortality with their movies but also through their own lives and personal actions. The majority in attendance will be quick to squirm in their seats if they are called out for their hypocrisy but feel perfectly justifiable to criticize and joke about those who think differently. The saddest part of the whole evening will be the loudest voices, the ones with the most camera time, the most opportunity to influence the public, and the most recognizable names, will use their time to show off their huge ego instead of humility, kindness, and respect for everyone, not just those who agree with them. And the Oscar goes to ….