What Political Parties Have Gotten Wrong !


The road to unity in this country is found in what makes this country great. Neither Republicans or Democrats have learned that the Best of America is only when we can look at our differences with respect and understanding. It seems over the past few decades the mantra of both political parties has been who can shout the loudest, who can have the best soundbites and who can be the most efficient in blaming those on the other side of the aisle for those things that we need to improve on. Just the narrative of which party “controls” the House or the Senate give us the impression that politicians are not working for the American People but for their own power. The Democrats had control of all three branches of government during President Obama’s first two years and the Republicans had the same during President Trump’s…and the cycle continues. The result has been ObamaCare that we are still trying to debate and fix and the Tax Cut which will now be debated and modified. Attacking the opposing party for their vision is the same as attacking ½ of the population since our country is fairly divided on its thoughts and ideas. If we stop giving coverage, time, and energy to those on the extremes and focus on those who can have a civil discussion, those who respect our differences, and those who will work with what we have in common as opposed to what we differ on then America will once again put its hate, anger, and division in the past and continue to move forward on all levels and not just the agenda of whichever Party is in “Control”. God Bless America.


Illegal Immigration Has A Ripple Effect!

Immigration18There is more to the “Illegal Immigrant” debate than just politics. There is a real long-term, ripple effect when adults and children, who are in our country illegally, become part of our society. When they first arrive, if known, they are processed by border patrol, ICE and other State and Federal Employees. These employees are paid with State and Federal Tax Dollars. These immigrants might need immediate attention for health care and nutrition…also a cost. For those that stay, pending a review or enter in hiding, they then become part of society, which means their children attend school. Each child that takes a seat at a desk also takes funds/supplies from an American Child and those here legally. Many of the illegal children may need assistance with a free breakfast/lunch program etc. again funds that have to be used..also, every seat filled puts a strain on the child/teacher ratio. Democrats are against School Vouchers and complain that schools need more money but are in favor of those things that are putting a strain on the financial burden of school districts. For Adults, many illegal immigrants will drive cars without insurance. Texas has over %15 uninsured drivers on the road with a large portion being illegal immigrants. Texans that pay for insurance end up paying a higher price to carry coverage for Uninsured Motorist Coverage. Texas is one of the three highest states in Auto Insurance premium.  Health care costs are also affected. Many Hospitals have to treat people in Emergency Rooms whether there is insurance or not. They have to make up the cost somehow. Those that do pay may see things like $30 Band-Aids and other ridiculous costs. Whether the state or local government reimburses these hospitals for any of the cost it is still with Tax Payer money. We should never be a society that does not have compassion nor should we refuse to help someone who is in pain or need. The only compassionate/fair solution is To Limit those that come into our country in the first place. If we can control our borders and control the flow of immigration then there will be a positive effect on many aspects of our society without losing compassion for those that are in need.


Civility Is All Of Our Responsibility!


Leadership should not be from Politicians, The Media, Athletes or Hollywood. The future of our country, the future of how neighbors talk to one another, how people discuss differences and how our country will come back together will be from the examples that are set throughout communities in places such as work, schools, places of worship & even coffee shops.  It is up to all of us to set the example and then for our elected officials to follow our lead of civility, kindness and respect. The current anger did not just happen, it has built up over the past few administrations and fueled with the help of new technology. We should not wait to see a political party or individual, let alone a news station, change their ways. We, as average citizens, of this Great Nation, are responsible for what our country is and neither One Person, Party, or TV Network is solely responsible. When we wake up each day we each have a choice, a choice to speak and act in a way that is kind and respectful. If we, as individuals, can not do it ourselves then we should not have expectations that others will either.  Our Country belongs to each of us and we are all responsible for its future. GOD Bless America!


News Networks are the Voice of Hollywood!



Let’s look at the facts. The News Divisions of the major networks, along with Cable are part of Hollywood. Hollywood for the most part is Pro-Liberal, Pro-Democratic. Whether sports, news or entertainment, each network’s division is part of its corporation and ALL part of Hollywood and all about power and money. We saw the hypocrisy of Hollywood exposed with the Weinstein Scandal and the rampant “looking the other way” for years from the same people who are the loudest against President Trump and Conservatives. Hollywood and its News Divisions are trying to divide the country. Even this morning, one week before the Mid-Terms, commentators on CNN said that “There are Some Old White Men that do not think people of Puerto Rico should be able to vote” … no video of people saying this..just a statement from a commentator. People at MSNBC referred to the Caravan as “Migrants” and that our President should not use the military to stop peaceful migrants. FYI Morning Joe, Migrants are “Workers who moves from place to place to do seasonal work.” Migrants are not those seeking political asylum. People that want to move here for a better economic opportunity need to get in line. So yes, the caravan needs to be stopped. Let’s not forget other commentators that have referred to people like Dr. Ben Carson, Kanye West, as well as the group of African-American College leaders that recently attended the White House, as “Puppets’ and “Uncle Tom” The Democrats and Liberal News still talk about how a Vote for the Republicans is a vote to get rid of “Pre-Existing Conditions”..yet the Republicans have been in control of everything for the last two years and that has never once been suggested. The Media refers to President Trump’s Foreign policy as destroying our nation, yet he has diminished the ability of ISIS, reduced tensions with N. Korea, strengthened our military and encouraged other United Nation Members to pay more, as well as, re-negotiated Trade Deals in all less than 2 years. We see Great Britain leaving the EU. We see other nations across the Globe electing officials that are against open borders and believe in protecting one’s sovereignty.  Yes, the United States is part of a Global Economy and we have a vested interest in helping other countries but not to a point where it has a negative effect on our trade, economy and finances.  People need to vote their conscience, not be afraid to express their own beliefs, own viewpoint. In America, people have a right to vote for who they want and for whatever reason they choose to. If history looks at some of the biggest attempted “Takeovers” of our country we need to look no further than the Greed in Hollywood and their fear of losing their influence on society.


Say NO to Socialism, Say NO to the Democratic Agenda!


The economic growth and the low unemployment of African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Women and just about every group of people shows what most already knew. Citizens do not want the Government to increase hand-outs. People just want opportunity. As we have seen, regardless of color of skin or gender, Americans are not afraid to work, they just want the opportunity to take care of themselves, their family, and control their own destiny. The Gov’t should be there to help those who need it, whether on a short term basis or longer due to a physical or medical reason, but Americans do not want to be dependent on the Government if they can avoid it. For too long certain members of the political establishment have pushed for more Government Control. They continue to push an agenda of “Let the Government Take Care of You” which means “Let the Government Control You”. When people are given all the necessities to live their ability to dream and control their own destiny becomes faded and their new reality is to let others determine what they can have, where they can live and what their future looks like. Say No to Socialism. Say No to the Democratic Agenda!


The Media Has Gone Too Far!


The Liberal Media has gone too far and needs to be stopped.  Yesterday was the tipping point. The tragedy in Pittsburgh leaving many dead at a Jewish Synagogue was another terrible day for America. However, even before all the next of kin were notified, before even the lunatic’s name was made public, CNN and MSNBC were blaming President Trump for this massacre. The Liberal Media has spent the majority of the past 30 months accusing Donald Trump of everything from being a Russian Puppet, to being Racist, Homophobic, Misogynistic, etc. The media consistently only reports their viewpoint and slant. Charlottesville did have people on both sides that wanted to hurt others as well as people who just wanted to peacefully protest. President Trump early on said that Mexico sends its criminals to the US. He didn’t say that All Mexicans were criminals but the people that make up gangs like MS13 come here illegally and are criminal but the media reports that “Trump says all Mexican Immigrants  are criminal” and has kept that narrative for two years running.  For every comment that the Media brings up it is only their interpretation and narrative. This week Luis Farrakhan referred to Jewish people as termites and basically got a pass from the media as well as the likes of former  President Obama and other Democrat Candidates. The Liberal Media received the biggest blow on election night 2016. For Months they reported that “Trump could never win”, “Hillary in a landslide” etc. Their experts had all the answers and on that one night they were all shown to be without credibility. They were exposed in their desire to create a narrative for people to believe and try to sway the public to their viewpoint.  After the election they could have re-evaluated their approach and gone back to reporting just facts or even presenting both sides to a story on how Americans may look at comments, events or other headlines from different viewpoints. Instead, they double downed and increased the one-sided reporting, even calling those that did not agree with their narrative “Despicable Americans”.  It is one thing to have an opinion but to accuse The President, who has been a bigger supporter of Israel than many of our recent presidents, of causing this Anti-Semitic attack is as untruthful as any story they have reported and they should apologize and maybe even lose their license. Shameful.


Being the “United” States still means something.

US Flags

If we ask ourselves why our country is so polarized & passionate about our political and social beliefs we can find some positive in the answers. The last few years were certainly not the first time we have seen this kind of national divide in our political tone. From the American Revolution to the Civil War, to the Vietnam Era and the Civil Rights Movement, America, at times, has seen its fair share of strong voices for one side or another. In 2018 we are still the envy of the world, still the country that more people want to visit, want to live, and a country that most others would prefer to be our ally than our enemy. We produce the most goods and services and are the biggest supplier of humanitarian need around the globe. Americans are a passionate people. We were founded on a belief that each individual in our country matters and everyone is entitled to the same unalienable rights. Our Life, Our Liberty and Our Pursuit of Happiness means something different to each one of us but that is the Blessing of Being an American. We each have our own dreams and each have the opportunity to strive for whatever our own goals are without being told where to live, how to work, and what to think. With less than two weeks before our next Election Day it is important to remember that it is only because we are Blessed to Live in America that we can be open about our passions and feelings. However, we must do so with respect for our fellow citizens and understand that they have a right to their opinion just as we do our own. The current environment is stressful not because we need to all agree but rather not forget that we are all Americans, under One Flag, trying to live a life we were given.  God Bless America.