How To Solve The Dysfunction In Washington.


Here is a radical idea, not really radical for those of us who truly believe in GOD, including those in Washington such as President Trump, Speaker Pelosi and the rest of Congress. Not one member has said they do not.  The next time members in Washington have a meeting start with a group prayer where those in attendance ask GOD for help.  As those responsible for running our Government please ask for guidance, wisdom, and the strength it takes to be kind to each other in spite of differences. Please ask to understand that members on both sides of the aisle want to help our country but just may have different ideas on how to do it. Please ask GOD for humility and the knowledge to use the lessons given to us by our Creator to love our brothers and sisters and work together for the greater good. And we, as citizens of this great nation, need to also pray. We need to pray for those that were elected, whether we voted for them or not.  We need to pray for their success and their health. We need to pray that GOD becomes the center of society and the foundation for the actions of people.  We need to pray that the News Media, Hollywood, Social Media, etc., start using their platforms to spread the good that is throughout America and not just some of the challenges we face.  For those that do not believe in GOD, it is your right. However, the majority of people alive on this Earth do believe, including those that you elected to office.  Without putting GOD back into the central part of our society it is very unlikely peace within our own borders can ever be achieved. Feel free to share if so inclined and maybe the message of prayer can spread to those that need it the most. GOD Bless America.


A Security Wall on our border is not immoral.

We start by saying that most people both in America and around the world are good, kind people. We do know that there is a small percentage that will do harm to others and break laws. We have heard from Democrats for years that we need to increase background checks, have waiting periods and a stronger vetting process for those who want to own a gun. Their rationale is to try to reduce the number of people who may use a gun in a bad way. I agree with the philosophy of allowing law-abiding, mentally competent people, to own a gun and to do everything we can to reduce those who should not.  I even take the Democrats word that they do not want to take away guns but just restrict those who should have them.  Basically, not allow those who want to use a gun for an immoral act. We do have a responsibility to protect our society from those that want to do harm. Just as we have a police force to protect society from the small percentage of people who want to break laws and harm others.   We do the same thing when we lock our homes, our car, have an alarm system, fencing, walls, or put gates up in a mall to protect the businesses after hours from the few that may want to cause destruction. I lock my home not because I don’t trust my neighbors, but it is because I don’t know who else may want to do harm to my family.

Now we hear the Democrats saying a Security Wall is immoral. Most immigrants are good, kind people but we know from facts that there are those that cross our border who do bad things. Under current law if someone even sets one foot into our country there is a possibility they will be allowed to stay with a request to show up at a hearing months later. It is Hypocritical to say that stronger background checks, stronger vetting and longer waiting periods to purchase a gun are for the safety of society but those same rules are considered Immoral when it comes to letting people into our country who may be one of the ones who want to do harm.

As a society we have a moral responsibility to do everything we can to protect people from harm. Even if the threat is just a small percentage of the overall number of those that walk this Earth, we just don’t know who and where they are.  No matter what we do we can never eliminate bad acts, but we can certainly reduce it to allow most people to live with less fear and in more peace.

Our immigration system is broken and has been for years. Our education, health and social programs all pay a heavy toll financially for immigrants that come into our country but that is ok if we make our system more efficient. We have and should always be a nation who welcomes those that want to live here and become part of our society. By controlling the number that enter our borders and try to reduce as much as possible those who do not want to follow our rules or even worse, harm others, we make ourselves stronger from the inside. Whether an immigrant or a citizen, if people want to follow our laws and be a part of our society then they should have the opportunity to experience all that is America.

A Security Wall on our border is not immoral, it is an object that can help reduce a threat to our society and in doing so will not only help American Citizens but all those immigrants that want to enter our country and follow our laws.



The Spirit of Christmas is not just one day !

IMG_1421 (002)

When we think about the Spirit of Christmas it is more than just a tree, presents and eggnog. In general, people have a different attitude during this time of the year. We may see an extra greeting, a bigger smile, more generosity and even more patience (except at malls). Even throughout history wars have been paused to celebrate Christmas. It is not about the gift giving but about bringing joy to those we know and strangers alike. It is about thinking of others with a gesture that could be as simple as a phone call, a hug, a card or a pair of socks…it is about making an effort to make others happy. It is also a reminder of the simple things that bless our lives regardless of individual circumstances. We think of our life, our friends, family and even co-workers. We think of all the special moments in our lives and the impact we have in this crazy world. We may celebrate the Birth of Jesus on Christmas Day but for all of GOD’s children, regardless of religious affiliation, the lessons of Grace, Kindness and Caring is what GOD wants us to remember and act upon every day. We can’t forget those who have a very hard time during the holidays. Memories can bring sadness, circumstances can bring frustration. This is also a time to pray for not only those that are close to our heart but for those we don’t even know. All what Christmas is can be summed up in the word LOVE. GOD loves each of us unconditionally and gives us the ability to share that love and kindness with others. May we all remember to share the Spirit of Christmas each and every day. Blessings.


What Makes America Great?


There is no doubt that current times, just like many of our past, is filled with political and social differences. We see more of it now with the technology that is available but the difference of opinions has always been there. However, strip away the media coverage, the social media sharing and the other forms that spread anger and hate and what do we have… The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  At our foundation of a nation we can still drive through most towns throughout this country and see various places of worship and freedom to pick what we choose to believe in. We can buy food at grocery stores 24 hours a day. We can buy clothes and household items at various stores and even on-line. Our children can go to public schools, private schools, charter schools, or even be home- schooled. People of all ages can participate in various activities from sports to crafts to hobbies of all sorts.  If we don’t like our political leaders we have the chance to change them out every few years. We can train and work in a field of our choosing and if we don’t like our job we have the freedom to try a different one. We can speak our mind and criticize those in power and we have protections from our Constitution as long as we are not hurting someone. We have the ability to protect our Country with our great military as well as other nations that may need our help. All of the above and many points not mentioned come with issues and problems that constantly need to be worked through as nothing will ever be perfect and no law will benefit 100% of the population 100% of the time. What we have is America….All it takes is a little research to realize, How Blessed We Are.


What Political Parties Have Gotten Wrong !


The road to unity in this country is found in what makes this country great. Neither Republicans or Democrats have learned that the Best of America is only when we can look at our differences with respect and understanding. It seems over the past few decades the mantra of both political parties has been who can shout the loudest, who can have the best soundbites and who can be the most efficient in blaming those on the other side of the aisle for those things that we need to improve on. Just the narrative of which party “controls” the House or the Senate give us the impression that politicians are not working for the American People but for their own power. The Democrats had control of all three branches of government during President Obama’s first two years and the Republicans had the same during President Trump’s…and the cycle continues. The result has been ObamaCare that we are still trying to debate and fix and the Tax Cut which will now be debated and modified. Attacking the opposing party for their vision is the same as attacking ½ of the population since our country is fairly divided on its thoughts and ideas. If we stop giving coverage, time, and energy to those on the extremes and focus on those who can have a civil discussion, those who respect our differences, and those who will work with what we have in common as opposed to what we differ on then America will once again put its hate, anger, and division in the past and continue to move forward on all levels and not just the agenda of whichever Party is in “Control”. God Bless America.


Illegal Immigration Has A Ripple Effect!

Immigration18There is more to the “Illegal Immigrant” debate than just politics. There is a real long-term, ripple effect when adults and children, who are in our country illegally, become part of our society. When they first arrive, if known, they are processed by border patrol, ICE and other State and Federal Employees. These employees are paid with State and Federal Tax Dollars. These immigrants might need immediate attention for health care and nutrition…also a cost. For those that stay, pending a review or enter in hiding, they then become part of society, which means their children attend school. Each child that takes a seat at a desk also takes funds/supplies from an American Child and those here legally. Many of the illegal children may need assistance with a free breakfast/lunch program etc. again funds that have to be used..also, every seat filled puts a strain on the child/teacher ratio. Democrats are against School Vouchers and complain that schools need more money but are in favor of those things that are putting a strain on the financial burden of school districts. For Adults, many illegal immigrants will drive cars without insurance. Texas has over %15 uninsured drivers on the road with a large portion being illegal immigrants. Texans that pay for insurance end up paying a higher price to carry coverage for Uninsured Motorist Coverage. Texas is one of the three highest states in Auto Insurance premium.  Health care costs are also affected. Many Hospitals have to treat people in Emergency Rooms whether there is insurance or not. They have to make up the cost somehow. Those that do pay may see things like $30 Band-Aids and other ridiculous costs. Whether the state or local government reimburses these hospitals for any of the cost it is still with Tax Payer money. We should never be a society that does not have compassion nor should we refuse to help someone who is in pain or need. The only compassionate/fair solution is To Limit those that come into our country in the first place. If we can control our borders and control the flow of immigration then there will be a positive effect on many aspects of our society without losing compassion for those that are in need.


Civility Is All Of Our Responsibility!


Leadership should not be from Politicians, The Media, Athletes or Hollywood. The future of our country, the future of how neighbors talk to one another, how people discuss differences and how our country will come back together will be from the examples that are set throughout communities in places such as work, schools, places of worship & even coffee shops.  It is up to all of us to set the example and then for our elected officials to follow our lead of civility, kindness and respect. The current anger did not just happen, it has built up over the past few administrations and fueled with the help of new technology. We should not wait to see a political party or individual, let alone a news station, change their ways. We, as average citizens, of this Great Nation, are responsible for what our country is and neither One Person, Party, or TV Network is solely responsible. When we wake up each day we each have a choice, a choice to speak and act in a way that is kind and respectful. If we, as individuals, can not do it ourselves then we should not have expectations that others will either.  Our Country belongs to each of us and we are all responsible for its future. GOD Bless America!